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Partial Dentures made with high quality acrylic with metal clasps.

Complete Dentures are made with high quality acrylics giving them a more natural aspect. Each Denture is designed with natural looking gums.

Flexible partial dentures are made with TCS Thermoplastics, these partial dentures are made with iFlex or Karadent TCS material and they are very flexible and natural looking. Each partial denture is designed according to the patients needs and desires. Providing comfort and stability with a Monomer free and Hypoallergenic material.

Complete Dentures made with Karadent by TCS.

It’s unbreakable, repairable with acrylic, also hypoallergenic and light weight. 

Clear clasp lightweight frame made with Karadent by TCS. Can be combined with acrylic and is easily adjustable. A hypoallergenic and almost unbreakable partial.

Models are poured in white Orthodontic Stone, glazed and sealed. This gives the Orthodontic Study Model a beautiful gloss.

Hawley, Essixs Retainers, Quad Helix, Bionator, Activator, Trampa de dedo, and several other appliances we can make them for your orthodontic and oral health needs.

These clear retainers can be worn at any time during the day, made with Essixs Dentsply.

Hawley Retainers can be made with a range of colors, custom designs are also available

Do you have a Hawley retainer and you want to personalize it? We can do that too.

Mouthguards are the perfect tool for extreme sports, the perfect protection for your teeth for your extreme sports.

These thin trays can be easily worn at any time during the day.

Broken denture? Broken partial? We can fix that for you.

Bring your dentures and we’ll clean them up with ultrasonic denture cleaning.

Do your dentures need some life? We can re-polish and clean your dentures.

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Bio Dental lab established in 2017,  is Aruba’s first female owned and operated Dental Laboratory by S. Lorene Flores. She obtained her Dental Laboratory Technology and Management A.A.S. degree in 2011 at Indian River State College, in Fort Pierce Florida. During  the years of 2007 to 2009 Lorene studied Dentistry in Costa Rica, also worked in the Dental and Orthodontic field for several years. This gives her the knowledge to understand the dentist or orthodontist point of view when fabricating an oral prosthetic or device. 

Bio Dental Lab is a AZV approved and a TCS Certified Dental Laboratory.

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